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Hello Everyone!

So I wanted to post about how to get things for FREE. While in College, and even before, I always had to find new ways to get what I wanted and needed. Here are my top ways of how I get free stuff!


If you fill out surveys, then sometimes they can offer you FREE stuff for it. For example, I receive Surveys when me and my friends go to Chick Fil A to hang out every once in a while. I go online, fill out the survey, then bring in the Code to get a free sandwich. Also, although I do not use this very often as I make my own coffee, Dunkin Donuts offers a free classic doughnut with purchase of a medium or large beverage, if you fill out the survey and bring in the code. On a lot of receipts you might see Survey requests to win a FREE gift card to that store. For example, my friend works at GameStop and she says that customers from her store win them all the time, so they are not just for show!


If you sign up for a rewards program for certain restaurants, then you can get free food. For example, my personal favorite is the free bagel month offered by Panera Bread for being a Panera rewards member. During the month of October, I get a free bagel every day for a month! I love their bagels, and you don’t have to purchase anything else in order to get it.  Another way to get free rewards, is by utilizing the CVS rewards, at the CVS pharmacy in Target. Once I get 10 prescriptions filled with them, they give me a $5 coupon to use anyway I want within Target, which is valid for a month!


There are many free coupons out there. For example, one type of coupon is buy one get one free. You can often find these in the newspaper. You also can find free coupons on the item you are purchasing. For example, I have received free face wash, because the coupon told the cashier to write in the total cost and from there the Company pays for it! Win Win! Not a single dime came out of my pocket! Sometimes you can also use coupons that say, for example, $2 off a 3.0 ounce tube of toothpaste. If you use this coupon on a tube of 3.0 ounce toothpaste that costs $2, then that tube of toothpaste was FREE! Wonderful right?!


There are many rebates on items these days. Rebates are when you send a form and your receipt of purchase to a distributor of a product, and they will send you a check for the amount you paid for a specific item. For instance, I often find rebates on face products, hair products, and toothbrushes. There is also another type of rebate as well. This one is where you buy a product, send the receipt in with the form filled out, and get a coupon in the mail for a free product up to a certain amount. I often find this when I purchase Not Your Mothers hair products. I send in the rebate, and get my free coupon a month later.

FREE items with Purchase

So, my mother LOVES Chanel makeup. Twice a year she purchases her makeup from the Chanel Counter. When she does this, they give her a ton of FREE samples, which she then gives to ME!!!! (She would throw them out or lose them anyways, so this is a no brainer on her part.) These samples last me for half a year, as I love working out, hiking, and riding horses, and I don’t use very much makeup when I do wear it. They often give her two small tubes of Mascara, three facial serums, one lipstick tester, a few foundation packs, and some miscellaneous stuff. This same FREE item with purchase principle can be applied to pretty much any purchase that offers a FREE item with it, and even sometimes if you ask for FREE samples, people give you them. For example, I purchase an item from GameStop to give to my friend for Christmas. They often have giveaway items behind the desk that they usually throw out anyways after a certain period of time. I usually ask them if they have any of that stuff, and sometimes they say yes. From there, I usually donate the FREE items to kids who have very little. (Look up the about me section and you will understand why I try to give back as much as possible!)

College Events

Oh, where do I start! I loved College Events! I often got school supplies for NOTHING, as every booth provided me with new pens, notebooks, staplers, scissors, you name it, they had it! I usually stocked up on all the FREE stuff I could, and kept it until I needed it. Also, at most events in College, there is FREE food! Yum! My personal favorite was the Block Party where the school had caterers from all over come and serve us food of a large variety. We often got Chicken, Roast Beef, Corn, Beans, Salad, and a lot more. The food was spectacular, and on top of that they let us take the leftovers home! SCORE!!!!! And to top it all off, my school allows me to come back every year as an Alumni, and go to all the Events for FREE! I don’t know if this is the same for every College, but it is definitely worth looking into!

Services Provided by Your College
So my College was pretty awesome when it came to services they provided, at least in my opinion. My school provided Career Services, Counseling Services, Recreation and Wellness Center (Gym), and Workshops.

My personal favorite, was the Career Counseling Services, which offered me the following services at no cost to me.

They included the following:

Professional Development
Career Change Assistance
Assistance on deciding a Career Path or a Major
Graduate School Planning
Internship Assistance
Interview Assistance
Job Search Assistance
Networking Strategies
Resume/Cover Letter Help
Self Branding and Marketing for LinkedIn profile
Ability to take a Career Builder Assessment (It is crazy how accurate it was!)
Professional Head shot (That can be used on your LinkedIn profile page! Yay!)

I used my schools resources A LOT! Like, I mean, every week almost. I was one determined cookie! The school also assigned me a personal Career Counselor, so on top of all these FREE services, I got to meet with the same person every single time. This is a major advantage, as she knew me very well, knew what drove me, and was able to help on a much better and bigger scale than if I would have moved from counselor to counselor. I highly recommend looking into the free services your school offers! I even hear from some of my friends there school offers free Massages! (Awesome RIGHT?!)

Well Friends, this is all the information I can provide at the moment, but please keep checking back to see if I have added any new material! My pages constantly change and are updated to provide the best information I can.


Peggy Roe

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