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Hello Everyone!

Have you ever shopped at the Goodwill? The Goodwill is my favorite place to shop, besides Amazon, but that’s online! I get lots of stuff NEW for pennies on the dollar! Although sometimes it is like a treasure hunt. Which can be super fun if you want it to be. Imagine scouring through bins of stuff looking for that item you just have to have? Exciting right?! Well not for some people. That’s why I have put together a list of how to find what you are looking for, and reasons why you should consider shopping at the Goodwill.

First things first, Navigation throughout your store. Every store is set up differently, although most of them have similar sections. Just look for signs that state what each section has, such as Clothes, and then look for the sub sections such as Skirts. It is really simple!


I get brand NEW clothes for super cheap! My goodwill has prices starting at $1 an item, going up to $7. The price list is as follows:

$2 for Skirts
$2 for Shorts
$3 for Pants
$2.29 for Short Sleeved Shirts
$1 for Tank Tops
$2.49 for Long Sleeved Shirts
$3.29 for Dresses (of all kinds!!!)
$4.99 for Outer Wear
$6.99 for Leather anything

BY the way!! All Children’s clothes are 99 cents a piece! That’s great for the growing child! You can even find children’s costumes such as Elza’s dress from Frozen for 99 cents at the Goodwill! That is a Great Find for Parents.

On Mondays, all clothes are HALF OFF!!!! Whoo hooo!!!!! So the cheap clothes are even Cheaper!


You can usually find Computers, Ipads, Ipods, etc. at the Goodwill. You just have to scour the bins for these, although watch out! The regulars that are there will sometimes take stuff out of your hands. They can get pretty nasty, although just ignore them. They are angry old people usually and have no life. It is actually pretty sad when you think about it. So don’t let it get to you. I have found great electronics, new laptops, new flat screen monitors, etc. especially on Sundays.


My Goodwill sells DVDs for a dollar a disk. On Wednesday’s everything except Clothes are HALF OFF! So the DVDs are 50 cents each. I have bought all of my Disney DVDs at the Goodwill, and they have lasted a long time! Just check for scratches and you are good to go.


Video Games are the bomb. Especially Retro ones which is what most people donate to the Goodwill. I love having a Retro Game day with my friends! We all gather at my place and place games together. I can often buy games at the Goodwill for a $1 a disk! PLUS, they are 50 cents each on Wednesdays.

Kids Toys

Kids grow out of toys pretty fast, so purchasing them for cheap is the best way to go. People constantly donate gently used toys to the Goodwill. So you are able to buy them for 89 cents a pound, and HALF that on Wednesdays. It is a WIN WIN situation!

PSSSSTTT! Wanna Know a Secret? You can usually negotiate with the Goodwill Staff to get Lower Prices on Items. For example, I have convinced Staff to sell me entire seasons of Series for $5! Whoo hoo! The total price should have been at least $20 considering each disk is usually $1.

Feel free to check back as my blogs change often, and I constantly update them with NEW content!


Peggy Roe

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