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Hello Everyone!

I am starting a series of Services you can do by Yourself and not have to hire someone to do them. In Part 1, I am going to cover Beauty regimes that you can purchase as a service, but are better off doing yourself, as it saves you money, time, and frustration of someone doing it wrong.


You can do your own nails, including French Manicures. Whenever I go to events, I always do my own nails, and they end up looking better than what I would pay to get them done. On top of that, I know the materials I use on my hands and feet are clean, and I won’t have to tip anyone. I will post up on my Youtube channel here soon on what I use to do my nails, how to get professional quality nail polish for cheap, and how you can make it look like you just went to the nail salon.


Surprise! You can do your own facials! One of my friends is an Esthetician, and she has taught me all the tips and tricks that she uses to give facials to her clients. On top of that, she uses the product her store offers to give those facials! So you can cut out the middle man, hrrrmmm, I mean man or woman, and give yourself a facial that you could get at a salon, for a fraction of the cost. I will post up on my Youtube channel here soon on the tips and tricks she taught me, how to get the items you need for cheap, and what particular items you should use in regards to puffiness, redness, etc.

Brow Waxing

I have been waxing my brows ever since I discovered you could. I had no idea for the longest time you could pay someone to do this for you. On top of that, the prices they charge are ridiculous! AHHH! So I am here to help! I purchase my own wax from Sally Beauty supply, although this is the only place I know that sells it- there are probably more, and microwave it for 45 seconds without opening the microwave. Please don’t open it! Trust me on this one! Then you use a Q tip, or a stick to put it on the spots you want to wax, put the strip over it, wait 5 seconds, then pull it off. TAH DAHHH!!! You did it! No need to pay anyone to this for you, and on top of that, you get to make it look the exact way you want! No over waxing and looking like your eyebrows are gone!


Are you aware that Salons charge for blow drying! Gasp! They call it a blowout, and just put certain products in your hair so that they can charge you more for it. Key old timey man voice: That is absurd I say, absurd. LOL! You can actually do your own blowout, by using certain products and items. I use a Voluminous Spray Mousse for the top of my hair, a heat protectant for the remainder of my hair, and then I use my round brush along with my hair dryer with a nozzle on it, to blow it dry. TAH DAH!!! You did your own version of a blow out! I will create a post soon about the different types of blowouts, how to get all the items you need for cheap, and how to get results like the professionals. So please keep checking back!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatments are basically when you put hot conditioner in your hair, leave it in for 10 minutes, then rinse it out. That’s it! Nothing to it, right? The salons just use different types of conditioners depending on what your hair needs. Just look for conditioners that say they help with the issues you are experiencing. You could also just put conditioner on your hair, let it sit for 10 minutes, blow dry it for a couple of minutes to make it hot, and then rinse it out. It is that easy!

Cutting your Hair

Cringe รถ Cutting your own hair seems hard, but it really isn’t. I just give myself trims with my scissors that are designed to cut hair, and last forever!!! I have had mine for 10 years, and I just sharpen it when it gets dull. You can part your hair into sections, then trim from there. When you want a major change, I highly suggest getting your partner or friend to cut it for you, or even going to a salon. I sometimes purchase Groupons with discounts and Groupon bucks to get a new hair cut, especially when the job is too large for me to handle. I will be putting up a post here soon to show you how to cut your own hair, and how your partner or friend can cut your hair. It is super easy, and you can get the results you want!

Well, this is it for my DIY Beauty Section! Keep checking back to see if I had added anything to this, as my posts will constantly be updated!


Peggy Roe

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