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In this post I am going to explain why you should purchase second hand items, when you should purchase second hand items, and how this could save you a TON of MONEY!!! Not every item should be purchased new, and not every item should be purchased second hand. I will also include items you should purchase second hand in order to save money.


I buy second hand when it comes to clothes. I go to the Goodwill next to my house on half price days, and pick up clothes that would look great on me. Seriously, I even buy gowns for $1.69 each that originally cost around $100. Some of them I have seen being sold at Nordstrom within the past 6 months. They bring in new clothes every single day too, so the selection constantly changes! It is wonderful! Also when I say new, I mean NEW!!! A lot of these clothes still have the original tags on them! SCORE!!!


I also buy second hand games from GameStop. This is known as Pre-Owned. I am a huge fan of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and Lara Croft games. I always purchase these Pre-Owned, and I have only had a problem once out of all the games I did buy. Guess what? The problem I had? They gave me a full refund on the product because it was within 7 days. If I had returned after the 7 days but before 30 days passed, they would have replaced it. Whoo hoo! Also if you have a pro-card, you get an extra 10% off used games. That is even more savings!


Always buy CDs second hand, unless you absolutely have to have the newest release from your favorite Author. Most of the time you can save a large amount of money, just by buying used CDs from Thrift Shops, the Goodwill, etc. For example, my Goodwill charges 10 cents per CD. On Wednesday, half off days, they charge 5 cents per CD. I have gotten all of my CDs for cheap this way. Just make sure you check for any scratches.


Now, I am kind of iffy on this one. Not all pre-owned furniture should be bought. That couch that your uncle owns, you know the one that you don’t think has ever been cleaned? Yeah, don’t buy that. In fact, don’t buy any furniture like that. All the furniture I own was pre-owned and has lasted for the past 10 years. Although, they were given to me as an inheritance. They were dressers, side tables, and a bed board. We sold the rest of the items we could not keep, and they were really good pieces! Just look at the furniture you want to buy very closely. Not everyone cares about whether or not something should be sold.

Well, that is it for now. Please keep checking back to see if I updated this post, or added anything new!


Peggy Roe

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