Travel: How to Travel With Your Dog

Hello Everyone!
I travel all the time. I also take my dog with me everywhere I go. In this post I am going to explain how to take your dog everywhere with you, and what you should bring with you.
Do Research
How are you getting to your destination? Are you driving? Then you need a crate with a live animal label, and arrows pointing up. Are you riding a train? If so, what train are you taking? Does the Train allow animals? Yes? No? Amtrack does not allow animals, unless they are service animals. Research your preferred travel route and adjust from there.

Know your dog’s limits
Can your dog handle new environments easily? If not, how can you get them used to it? Does your dog get sick easily? If so, you might want to consider having your dog travel on an empty stomach. Get to know your dog, so to avoid any issues while you travel.
Make sure your dog has a collar, leash, dog tag and a microchip
What would happen if your dog went missing? That would be horrible. You need to have an emergency plan in case that happens. Buy your dog a sturdy collar, a dog tag, and get him/her microchipped! Please! This could save your dog’s life!
Have food, and water on hand at all times
I always take a food bin for my dog’s food with me on road trips. When I go hiking and camping with my dog, I always carry a separate bag for my dog’s food. I bought this one off Amazon.

Kurgo Kibble Carrier(TM) Travel Dog Food Bag

I also carry a foldable water bowl with me, to put his water in.
Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl, Moytaicoo Food Grade Silicone BPA Free, Foldable Expandable Cup Dish for Pet Dog/Cat Food Water Feeding Portable Travel Bowl (Blue)

You can keep the water in a regular water bottle as well.

Take breaks
Take necessary potty breaks. Your dog needs to use the restroom. Plan accordingly. Also, if it is hot out, take breaks to help your dog cool off. My dog is able to handle around an hour walk before he needs a 15-minute water break.

Look at where you are staying
Does the place you want to stay allow pets? If not, then you might want to change where you stay. Also, consider whether places have an upcharge for pets. I have seen most places charge around $35 per pet, per night. I usually camp, so this is really no issue for me, but you need to consider this. Don’t leave your dog alone anywhere, especially when you choose a hotel. Most dogs freak out and destroy or bark when they are left in an unfamiliar place. My dog has done this before, and I learned my lesson from it. It was a bad experience.

Well, that is about it for now! I will update this post, so please check back! Travel Safely and get your dog microchipped just in case! Prevention is KEY!
Peggy Roe

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