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Hello everyone!

I have to warn you, this post is a little heavy, and I bring out the truth in a major way. If you have a problem with topics that are tough, then I suggest you don’t read this post.

Have you ever been alone? Scared? Depressed? Well I have, and it is no fun. I was always alone as a child, and I remember NOT having a family at one time. It was sad no having anyone to talk to, and always being alone. Now imagine that was you. Now imagine you are a dog. Not only this, but you will be put to sleep if someone doesn’t adopt you into their family. This is the reality of cats and dogs in high kill shelters. When you adopt, you not only SAVE a life, but you get a genuine member of your family who is grateful to be there.

The looks on their faces when you adopt them is nothing short of exhilarating, and heartwarming.

When you buy from stores, from what I understand, they are from puppy mills. This is a place that breeds dogs in cages, where they live most of their life until they can no longer have puppies, then thrown into the woods to fend for themselves. That is tragic. I would never support a place like that. But that might be what you are doing when you shop and don’t adopt. Plus, those adoptable dogs in high kill shelters have a chance of not being adopted. Other places the dogs will be adopted.

I highly recommend spaying and neutering your pet. This is a major way to lower the death toll for these poor animals. I adopted my dog from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. I got a call from someone at the Shelter who knew I was looking for a dog. He told me to come there ASAP as a guy who they suspected was a part of a dog fighting ring wanted to adopt him. I rushed right over and grabbed the dog, and started filling out the paperwork. Right then, the guy came in wanting to adopt the dog. They told him No, and he walked out. Guess what? 2 years later he was on the news for being the leader of a dog fighting ring. That is sick! I am glad I rushed over there to rescue my dog, but the reality is that this is more common than you think. Always adopt NOT shop.

Benefits of adopting a dog:

  1. You save a LIFE!!!
  2. FREE Vet Visit
  3. FREE spay/neuter
  4. FREE first round of shots
  5. FREE collar and leash
  6. Cost around $25 to $50 dollars
  7. They will be a genuine member of your family

Saving a LIFE:

What more could you ask for. They will love you, and be forever grateful that you rescued them. That is awesome!

FREE Vet Visit:

A FREE Vet Visit is included in most dog purchases from shelters. From there, you will be able to see what is wrong with your dog, and how to fix it. The costs for this are usually minimal.

FREE spay/neuter:

You will get to spay or neuter your pet for FREE! This helps with unwanted births, and helps limit the amount of animals without homes. Your pet could accidentally run away, get pregnant, or get another dog pregnant, and then what then? Will you give up those puppies/kittens? Or will you keep them. That is a lot of pets. I have seen this many times, and the best way to go about this is to spay or neuter your pet.


Those shots can be expensive sometimes, but usually, when you buy a shelter pet, you get a ticket for a FREE first round of shots! This is a major money saver, and helps keep your pet healthy.

FREE collar and leash:

When you purchase your dog, or cat, you usually get a collar or leash for free. I would recommend getting dog tags too, and you can buy those at a kiosk or a vet’s office.

Shelter Pets usually cost around $25 to $50:

This is a benefit, as with everything else they come with, you can save lots of money compared to shopping for a dog, or cat. I have seen them range from $200 to $1500.

Finally, they will be a genuine member of your family:

This means that they will love you, be there for you whenever you need them, and care for you like other family members do. They will also be if you decide to expand your family, or if you need a comforting snuggle buddy when you are sick. They are wonderful!

So, to end this post, please ADOPT and NOT Shop! You will save a life, and if you buy a dog or cat that is older, you can usually get a dog or cat that is potty trained. No having to teach your pet how to use the potty! It is a major win, trust me! Although adopt whoever you want! It will warm your heart. Feel free to contact me in regards to any questions you have.  I will also be posting on how to find your local animal shelter, and how to choose the right animal for you soon! Keep checking back!


Peggy Roe

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