Lifestyle: How to Oddly SAVE Money

Painting your own Home’s Interior:
Instead of hiring someone to paint your interior, paint your own interior. All you have to do is buy the paint, look up videos on YouTube, and you are ready to go. There are YouTube videos that should show you how to paint the interior of your house. Also, if you are the one painting the interior, you can decide if you like a color or not. Sometimes people you hire won’t get the correct paint, and will charge you for re-doing the paint. That is a scam in my opinion. Don’t let that happen to you.

Wash your own Car:
You can get car washing supplies off of Amazon for pretty cheap. Also, if you go through a car wash, your antenna might break, or something might happen. When you wash your own car, this eliminates those possibilities. Also, this saves you a ton of money. You won’t have to pay for each car wash, just the start up supplies, and the water. Win Win. I use this supply kit that I bought off of Amazon.

Armor All Complete Car Car Kit

Work out at home or outside:
Buying a gym membership can get tricky. Even if it costs $10 a month, you still have to drive to the gym, unless of course, it is right next to your house. On top of that, you have to factor in time. I am a pretty busy person. I get into the office at 10 am and leave at 8 PM Monday through Thursday. This leaves very little time for me to work out. So I do one of the following to accommodate for that:
1. Run outside
2. Workout with a workout video
3. Perform sets in my living room
4. Go to the park and play volleyball with my roommate
Those are just examples of what I do. You can change them up, of course.
By the way, this is the Volley ball I bought! It is such a pretty blue!
Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball

Make your own beer or wine:

I have bought beer making kits before, and I know people who have made their own wine. It is sort of a hobby. Now, depending on how you do this, you can save money, or spend more money. The objective of this post is to save you money. So…..

Make your own coffee and utilize it to its full potential and discover what you like:

Seriously, I love coffee. I cannot live without it. I have tried a ton of different coffee in my day, and I always go back to the Vanilla blend Coffee. If you buy Coffee out every day then that can add up to some serious cash over time.

Think about it this way:

You spend $1.90 on a medium cup of Coffee at the local Coffee Shop

You do this every Monday through Friday

There are 4 weeks in a months on average

$1.90*5*4= $38 a month on Coffee

Now, here is the alternative:

You spend $7.49 for Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee that lasts you the whole month
Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee

Then you purchase a Black and Decker Coffee Maker (What I use and I even burned the cord, but it is still going strong after 3 years!) On top of that, it is a one time purchase!

Black and Decker 5 cup Coffee Maker

On top of that, you need Coffee Filters, which can cost around $2 for 200 of them.

The total for this is: $16+ $2+ $7.49= $25.49 the first month,

and $7.49 for the months after until you need to purchase new coffee filters.

Just for the first month you save a total of $12.51, and a total of $30.51 for each month after until you need to repurchase coffee filters.

That is definitely worth it!

Grow your own fruits and veges:

I love growing my own fruits and vegetables. I know what goes on them, and all I have to do after planting them is trim once in a while, and water them. My dad taught me that you need to buy seeds from Amazon that say “These will grow!” Lol. I think he is exagerating a little, but it important of course.

I have included seeds that seem fun to grow, because they have faces on the packages. Not only faces, but vegetable faces. This could be a fun activity to complete with your kids, brothers or sisters, or someone else.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds in a Variety

Mow your own Lawn: Reel Mower

Why would you hire someone to mow your lawn? Unless it is some kid down the street who needs pocket cash, and they mow it for $20 and you have at least an acre and very little time. Otherwise, if you have a small amount of grass, use a Reel Mower. They are Eco-friendly and don’t make loud noises. Otherwise, you can shop around for a mower.

Reel Mower

Move yourself:

Now as much as I would love to have someone move my stuff, I just can’t. For example, being in College is expensive. In fact, being alive can sometimes be expensive. If you have to move, then rent a Uhaul and do it “yourself”. And when I say “yourself” I mean, you and your friends. My friends love pizza and beers, so I bribe them with it every time I need help moving. So ask your friends what it would take to get them to move you! If they are good friends, a food item and a beverage are what works.

Well, these are all of my odd ideas I have for saving money. Please feel free to keep checking back to see if I added anything!


Peggy Roe

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