Travel: How to Renew Your Passport

How to Renew Your Passport:

Recently, I had to renew my passport so I could travel next year. My schedule is as follows:

January = traveling throughout Mexico

February and March= Staying in Maryland

April= Traveling to Paris for the month

May= Middle of May I will be traveling home to Iceland

Side note: Can you believe I live here part time?! I’m so lucky! Just look!

Iceland Northern Lights

June and July= Iceland!!!!

That’s all I know right now. I will be traveling to Paris for an internship, as my school does not offer any classes that specialize in my degree this Spring. Awwww…. Paris was my only option. Lol it actually worked out great! WHOO HOO!!!

eiffel tower

The only problem was my passport was about to expire. I completely forgot to renew it 3 months before. Now it expires in a month! Gasp! So I had to rush to the Post Office and renew it. Although, there are specific instructions I recommend following if this happens to you!

Step 1: Go to a United States Postal Service that does passports. From my understanding, not all of them do this, which is really weird. I will look into that more and get back to you.

Step 2: Get the passport renewal application

Step 3: Go somewhere quiet inside the US Post Office, and fill out the application. Make sure everything is correct, and have the person who is handling the documents double check it to make sure you filled out everything.

Step 4: Get your Passport Photo. I usually have the Post Office do this, but CVS and AAA can do it too. AAA is free for people with a Premier Membership. Otherwise it costs $15 for them to do it at the post office.

Step 5: Submit all documents and your photo to the person in charge of passports. Once again, make sure they check everything on your documentation. It cannot hurt to have someone else make sure you are doing everything correctly.

Step 6: Have them send it out to get renewed.

Step 7: Track and wait for your passport to arrive at your home.

So, the costs of the passport renewal can be around $100, but mine was $208. WOWWW!!! It was because I had to have it expedited. I completely forgot to renew it before the last minute!

Usual cost of Passport Renewal: $125

Expedited Passport Renewal: $185

Passport Photo: $15

2 day Shipping: $6.65

Money Order that is required: $1.20


EEKK! So if you go through AAA, get a free passport, you could save $15. Plus, if you renewed it 3 months ahead of time, you could save an extra $60! Plus, if you choose something other than 2 day shipping, then you could save a little extra that way too.

I will be getting back my passport in 2 to 3 weeks thanks to me expediting it! Avoid my mistake and renew 3 months before, that is, unless you need it.

Happy Travels!



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