Lifestyle: Why you should NEVER let anyone tell you, you can’t make it

Have you ever been told that you can’t make it? That you could never become the person who you truly desired to be? I experience this on a daily basis. The comments come at me so often that I now use it as fuel.

So I currently attend College at a school that is known for accepting pretty much anyone. This means that almost ANYONE who has graduated high school can attend our College. On top of that, most of our full time professors have Doctorates, you know, for branding purposes. So these students over time have caused the teachers to not really care about motivating us to do our best, and helping us be the most that we can be. They feel that it wouldn’t help. In my opinion, great teachers motivate their students to become the most they can be, and do what they can do to help them get there. Regardless.

So not only do I attend class with students who really don’t care about the subject being taught, but I also have to deal with teachers not caring about their students. It is a no win situation to a POINT. It is all about perception. I could let my classmates get to me and take the same route they do, which seems like not really amounting to as much as I want to be. OR I could use this as fuel and become the person I want to be.

In the past, I have climbed mountains much higher than this. I have gone against the odds all my life. So in turn, I have chosen to use their words as fuel to become who I want to be. I am constantly told by my classmates that I am crazy for traveling all over the world, for building robots, and for much more. They don’t get it. They probably never will. And I don’t care.

I am becoming the person who I want to be, and I love it. I won’t be that person just working a mediocre job for the rest of my life. I will be that person who has 7 streams of income. I will be slaying all across the world building my empire, and making the positive difference I have set out to make. I will become who I want to be, and any obstacles that get in my way, I will destroy or climb over them.

So, in the end, I ask you this one question. Who do you want to be?


Now get out there and do something about it. Climb that Mountain.


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