Travel: A Call for Ideas!! A fully funded Travel Technology Grant!

Hi Everyone!

I have the opportunity for creating a new technology that can be used for Travel. This research project will be fully funded, and I will not stop until the product is made. I do want to know, though, what type of Technology item do you NEED or wish you had when you travel? This information is critical to creating technology that is easy to use!

This is my pleas for ideas, because you all are my fellow travelers! I want to know your ideas for travel technology that would improve your life and adventures. When I receive ideas, I will send it out to get approved to the council. Once approved, designed, tested, and finally produced, I will sell it on this blog for the cost it took to make it plus shipping and handling! I just want to travel, and to improve the experience in any way I can. This project is not about the Money, it is about experience, and helping people to get out and travel more!

So feel free to comment, and I will post all the ideas on here that are submitted to the council for review. Once they choose, I will let you know!

Thank you for your help!

Happy Travels!!

Peggy Roe

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