College: How to get your Global Field Study fully funded

Hello Everyone!

I have been sort of MIA for the past few days, but I have very exciting news!

First: I am writing a book on how to get free travel or at least discounted travel.

Second: I have been working with people to get my research into travel technology funded. I will share more updates later.

Third: I will be starting a gofundme campaign and a kickstarter for another book that will help me with funding for putting the travel technology out into the market. I haven’t gotten any ideas in the comments section from my previous post, so I had to send out an official call for papers that cost some money for start up research to support this project.

Fourth: There is much more in the works, but I can’t talk about them right now! I will keep you updated!

Okay! So onto the post of How to get your Global Field Study fully funded!

I recently negotiated with my school on getting my trip fully funded.

Here is how my journey went:

  1. Researched Global Field Studies available
  2. Talked to the Person in charge of the Global Field Study I was interested in.
  3. Got approval to go on the Global Field Study.
  4. Found a scholarship that was designated for Global Field Studies that I could apply for.
  5. Ask the Deans office for a discount on the trip, and explained reasons why I deserved the discount. Reasons for me included:
    1. Poor Financial Aid staff- I lost a $2000 thanks to their incompetence and I don’t appreciate that.
    2. Poor availability of classes for my major. They got rid of elective classes for my major, and when I first attended this school, I was told certain classes would be offered every semester no matter what. Now they are not. I chose this school for one of the classes they got rid of. Once again, that I not acceptable.
    3. Poor conversation between students and staff. I was not told ahead of time that they were getting rid of my elective classes that I needed to graduate on time, and talking to them is like pulling teeth.
    4. So in the end, Global Field Study to Paris was one of my only options to fulfill my elective requirements.
  6. Thanks my my legitimate complaints, they accepted to take off a certain amount of money.
  7. Then that left a small amount of money to be paid for. I reached out to my sponsors to help me pay for it, which they did. You on the other hand, if you don’t have sponsors, can create a gofundme account, create a kickstarter to sell digital content to buyers, or you could apply for more funds from other grants and scholarships.

Look for new ways to get your travel funded. I will be providing my research on grants of where you can go, and who you can contact in general for scholarships and grants. You should also reach out to everyone at your school in regards to paying for a Global Field Study!

Leave no stone upturned! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Peggy Roe

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