Travel: How to Fund Your Travel

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to create a post that explains different ways to fund travel. You don’t have to be rich! You just need to know how to budget and spend money!

Here is my list on how to fund your travel:

  1. Set goals for yourself. What do you want to do?
  2. Set up another savings account for Travel. Have a certain amount of your paycheck go to it.
  3. Same as before, instead of doing it manually, you could set up a direct deposit into your savings travel account.
  4. Use rewards cards to your advantage. I get cash back on all of my purchases. Research credit cards that are best for you!
  5. Sign up for frequent flyer programs!
  6. Get extra cash? Put it into the travel fund.
  7. Set up a side hustle to get that extra cash. I work with autistic children to make money on the side.
  8. Sell stuff on the side that you no longer need. I am a minimalist, so I don’t own much. but if you do, follow this advice!
  9. Forego luxuries! You don’t need that BMW, or that something else that is super expensive. I have a Chevrolet Cobalt that has lasted me years. It is cheap to fix too.
  10. Look for deals. Sometimes there are sales on flights. Sometimes there are sales on hotels. Also if you negotiate with someone on one of these, it might work out in your favor.
  11. You could also save money by staying with family and friends when you travel. Most of the time they will not charge you.

That is about it for my advice on how to fund your travel. I negotiate with a lot of people to get better deals. Sometimes it doesn’t work and that is okay. You will never know until you try.

Keep a lookout for more posts!


Peggy Roe

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