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Do you ever feel that you are working incredibly hard, but not getting as far as you want? I had the same problem, until I took a course that helped me organize everything.

I was in a class on being a high achiever vs. being a high performer. There are differences, and the MAIN difference is the ENERGY. No this is not some health thing where I tell you do align your chi or what not. This is me telling you that you need use your energy wisely, and learn more about yourself. Let me explain further in the details below.

High Performer: a person who is succeeding above and beyond standard norms. This is long term and is evaluated by other people.

High Achiever: is a persons ability to be productive, to accomplish tasks, complete things to a higher standard, and a persons ability to be, do, and create more.

Now, you want to be both of those, but you also need to learn how to set foundations for your work. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t accomplish as much as you are capable of.

You also NEED positive ENERGY in order to accomplish as much as you are capable of. If you tell yourself from the get go that you cant do something, you are less likely to do it.

I am going to create a series on How to Become the Person You Want. I will also be including how to create a foundational basis for yourself, and pintables so that it can be easier on you.

Become the Person You Want


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