Travel: Basics for a TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG

Do you just need something basic in regards to makeup, and need something that is TSA approved? I wanted to share with you what I use on a daily basis, and that I use to travel.  Sorry for the poor photo quality!


  1. I have a cute small Lilly Pultzer bag from Target that I bought that carries everything.


  1. I have a small foundation container that Chanel gave me to hold my foundation in when I travel.
  2. I have a FREE small travel size Mascara from Chanel. You just ask them for a sample travel size Mascara, and they will give it to you. If they don’t, they aren’t doing their job. Any one who asks people from Chanel for samples, they are required to give it to you. It is in their policy.
  3. I have a regular size Chanel Blush that I use on my cheeks and my eyes.
  4. I also have Chanel Lipstick that lasts all day.


5. Elf eyeliner. It even comes with a brush you can use to apply it. I may LOVE Chanel makeup, but this eyeliner is better than theirs in my opinion.

23192514_10155072362141769_1025021883_o6. Japonesque eye curler. I love this eyecurler because you get FREE unlimited refills for the padding. You just go to the Japonesque website, and put in a request! They will send it to you within the week!

Here is the Link:

7. Finally, I use mascara wands for Mascara touch ups, and to straighten out my eyebrows. I got these for FREE at the Chanel counter. Just ask them if you can take some with you, and they will say yes. It is a WIN WIN!


My travel Makeup Kit is super simple, but it lasts all day, and is incredibly small.

You of course can carry whatever you want, I just like simplicity. I enjoy being able to just have a small bag that I can use and carry easily.

Have fun Traveling!


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