Lifestyle: Reasons why you should listen

Have you ever been frustrated? Someone did not listen to you, and now things are falling apart? I have. Actually, recently I experienced this on a major basis. I was talking to people about new travel funds available at my school, and they kept referring to it as another type of travel fund. The two were completely different, and I tried to explain that, but they just kept going on about it. We got NO WHERE in those conversations because they would not listen.

I ended up having the person in charge of the Grant department send out an email to explain the difference, because if they wont listen to me, they will listen to her.

Now, lets learn from their mistakes. They have this incredible opportunity to travel for nothing. All they have to do is apply, and if they are approved, they get to go where they want and need to. The only problem is that they didn’t listen to the Grants explanation or read about it on the paper in front of them.

That’s really bad. You don’t want to be that person. You will miss out on opportunities that way. The same principle applies for travel, if you don’t listen to someone tell you something, then you could miss out on a great opportunity!

Lets say that you are traveling China, and are near the great wall. They are offering a ONE TIME deal where you get to climb it. Lets say, only way you could find out about it is by listening to other people. Although, this would never happen, it is an example. If you listen then you could open yourself up to a new world of possibilities!

Travel to your hearts content!


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