Travel: Why You Should Take Day trips

Do you ever feel stuck? Like you deal with the same thing day after day? Or are you bored? Do you go the same places all the time and want something new?

Well if you are short on time, then you should consider taking day trips to the places around you. Make a list of places and/ things you want to do, for example, you want to go skiing.

Once you have that list, find out how to do it. Like I said before, if you want to go skiing, type skiing near me into google, and then you can find places near you that offer skiing. It is that easy. You can also ask people around you where they would recommend.

Getting out there and doing new things that you want to do helps keep you happy mentally and emotionally. Also, day trips are awesome money savers. You don’t have to pay for overnight stays anywhere, and you could eat breakfast and dinner at home. You could even save more money by bringing a picnic with you. That could be a lot of fun, spending time with another person that you care about or even by yourself if you need some alone time.


Stuck on where to start? Consider the following options:

  1. Hiking
  2. Visit a specialty town, for example, a town that is known for its Amish food
  3. Go to a part of town that you have never been to, and explore
  4. Skiing
  5. Or even take a class that is one day. Have you ever wanted to learn a special skill, but time always got in the way. This may not seem like a daycation but it could be considering if the skill you want to learn makes you happy.

These are just a few examples. Get out there and explore. You never know what could happen ­čÖé

Get out there and explore 


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