Lifestyle: My Nightmare That Came True


So today I wanted to talk to you about my nightmare that came true while attending College. Let me start from the beginning. Our president of our school invited a very controversial speaker to our commencement ceremony. This caused a lot of uproar, which ended up having an effect on people donating to the school. They lost a ton of money, all because the President wanted to make his name known to this person so that his cousin could, and did I might add, get a job with them. He sacrificed all of his students and staff, the ENTIRE school, just so his family could get ahead. That is a major ethics issue!

So this caused a lot of problems with funding, and guess where they decided to take money away from in order to meet the loss? The students. One, they increased our tuition by 20%, and our fees by 20%. Second, they took away classes we needed in order to graduate, and yes, we still need them to graduate. Some people will not graduate on time thanks to this change. Third, we can no longer cross-register for courses if you have less than or equal to 30 credits left for your degree, because they need the money that badly. Fourth, they are making students take courses they do not need, in order to make more money. For example, I had a friend who came back to College in order to get a second bachelors degree. They are making him take Writing 300, even though in the schools guidelines it says he does not need to take it if he has a bachelors degree already. The reasoning they gave him? It is a hard requirement, and we need the money. He will not be graduating on time thanks to this. On top of that, he cannot transfer because other schools will not accept the credits from here.

So, after this semester I will no longer have a job, because they cannot afford to keep me. On top of that, I have to find other courses to take that meet my requirements in other parts of the school. This is HARD! You also have to negotiate with other heads of departments, as to why you should be allowed in those classes, which you shouldn’t have to do!

So yes, this can happen to you, as it did to me. What can you learn from it? Well, look at the school itself. Is it having problems? Are departments understaffed? Did the school go on a hiring freeze like mine did? Pay attention before you choose a college, it literally could save your life. What happens if this school closes its doors tomorrow? A lot of my classes will not transfer over, and I will have to start again. Please do not let this happen to you!

My advice to you, Pay attention and do your research before you attend a College. Please! It could save your life, money, and future!


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