Lifestyle: Why Who You Associate With Can Create an Unfair Advantage


So today I wanted to talk to you about unfair advantages. This means it could be an unfair advantage for you in regards to getting something you need, or it could mean an unfair advantage for someone else. An unfair advantage for someone else is when they use your name to get to know someone, or they use who you associate with to their advantage in a negative way to get them something they want. For example, I know of a guy who wanted to get the contract on building a new condo. His competition associated with someone who had just been arrested. So the guy decided to use that to his advantage, and spew false lies about his competition, and how he helped this person commit the crimes, etc., in order to get the contract. People like that I don’t enjoy being around, but there are people out there like that.

What made me want to write this post was that, where I work, we have a competition every year in order to make our donors happy. (In reality, we pay them way more than they pay us, but that is in another post.)

This competition is where 6 entrepreneurs get to go on stage and present their products they are trying to sell to judges and a live audience. It is essentially our version of Shark Tank. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that this competition is rigged. We know who the winner is every year, lets call them the chosen one, and on top of that, we include people who are in on it so that we have diversity. Let me be clear, I have no say in this, because it is up to the higher ups. (I am just here to get my degree.) They want people who make the school look diverse, and good. It is all about the money in the end. They also cradle their chosen one and help them develop their product. Seriously! This one chosen girl had an idea 9 months ago, and they made everything happen within 5 months. She had hordes of people developing the product, marketing, etc for FREE! Within 5 months, this went from an idea, to a full product that is being sold, so technically she made a ton of money just because she associated with the right people.

This happens every year, and it is unfair, but what are you going to do?

So this is the point where it helped the chosen one to know the people in charge. She was chosen to become the winner way in advance, and the judges knew it too. All of it is just for show. Life is not fair, and it never will be. So please, take your reputation into account, and also be careful who you associate with. Unfortunately, it can make a difference.

Another story I can tell is a friend of mine was in Mexico, and he met a guy who he liked and went to a club with him. It turned out he was a Mexican Drug Lord, and the police came for him in the club. My friend ended up running away from the police, because he was associating with the Drug Lord. This is an extreme situation, but it is a good example to show you need to be careful who you hang out with.

So go out there, and be careful!

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