Lifestyle: How Colleges Make Their Money and Why You Should Care


So I spend a lot of time at my College, because I work here. I have learned the inns and outs of it, and let me say, it is not pretty. There is a lot of politics, pettiness, issues, and theft here. When I say theft, I mean, money going places that it really shouldn’t be going to.

Once again, let me start from the beginning. Think about the political world that you see when it comes to the United States Government. People donate money to people who they know will have their backs, and if they don’t come through, then future donations will be cut off. So essentially most of our politicians are owned by the highest bidder. The same works for our school. We are held tightly by people who donate, who can help them. We have spent more money on certain people in HOPES of another donation, than they have donating to us. That is not very smart, but that is the way it works.

The school spends lots of money on events to honor these people for their “Wonderful” donations, and continuously does things, such as events, gifts, etc., to make them happy. I can provide a wonderful example.

We have an event every year. It is named after people who donated funds to the school once. So lets say they donated $100,000 one time to a part of the school we have nothing to do with. Then to try to get them to donate again, we created an event in their honor. This goes on until now for 6 years. On top of that, we spend $3,000 on food every year, which we buy from these people’s company. So that is $3,000 times 6, which is $18,000 they get back in their pocket. On top of that, we spend $3,250 each year on prizes. $3,250 times 6 is $19,500. So far, we have $37,500 in costs.

To add to this, think about the countless hours employees work to make this event successful, and how much they make. If this event takes 400 hours to plan, and you have top level people making at least $100,000 a year, you already have gone past that one time donation of $100,000. It makes no sense whatsoever to do this. It is not smart on their part, and has a poor ROI, which is Return On Investment.

So, why does something like this influence you, and why should you care? Well, if your school is run this way, there is a good chance they do not know how to manage it correctly. This impacts you, because you could end up not having a school to go to if it went out of business. Then you would have to go to another college, and most of the time, this means you would have to start over. That is tragic!

So, don’t let this happen to you. Make sure your school is doing well financially so that you can finish school. I have another post that explains my nightmare, and gives details about how this schools managing of money and other choices has created my nightmare come true.

College: My Nightmare That Came True Thanks to Incompetent People in Charge

Learn from my Mistakes! Pay Attention!


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