Travel: Food, Can You Take it With You?


So I was looking into more ways to save money. I was considering taking food with me on my trip here soon, not only to save money, but so that I could eat what I wanted.

What sparked this was I am going to Iceland here soon, and the cost of food is astronomical. It is not unusual to pay $19 for a pound of bacon. That’s ridiculous. So I decided to look into alternatives. Taking my food with me seemed like the best option.

So I did some research, and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to ask. I always go to, and click on contact, then customer service. Here is the web address:

After sending my email, a TSA agent got back to me within 24 hours, and sent me this message.

“You may travel with food in your checked baggage; we do not limit the type or quantity.  Please be aware that some foods may require additional screening, which includes Transportation Security Officers opening and physically inspecting your checked baggage.”

So, yes you can bring food with you, but someone might be man handling it. Awesome. LOL

I guess they don’t want you to bring in any weapons in food, or something like that.

I will still be bringing my food with me, although, I am curious to see if anything goes missing (I bet those agents get hungry from time to time).

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