Travel: How to Handle Loud Noises at Night


So I am currently traveling, and I have been experiencing super loud people/dogs. Yes, I said dogs. Did you know that they can snore REALLY loudly? I didn’t, but now I do. So to combat this, I thought of ways to silence the sound. Or at least cover it up.

First, if it is polite and socially acceptable, ask the people to be quieter. Some people don’t realize they are loud. If this is not an option, then I recommend finding a way to cover it up. You can use earplugs, or white noise. I used a form of travel technology, which is an app that has wind as one of their white noises. I love that sound. The only downside is that it has adds at the bottom, so it requires internet or cellular. If you buy a white noise app, I doubt you have to use wifi or cellular. This helped me a lot, seeing that I have free wifi here, and I couldn’t ask them to be quiet as my problem was family and their dogs (Dogs don’t really listen when you tell them to stop snoring so loud).

My advice to you is to be creative. For example, I hear exercise is incredibly helpful for someone who wants to sleep through loud noises. If you are tired enough, nothing will wake you. I have also heard of people using the fan to cover loud noises, and apparently it is really soothing to listen to it.

Experiment with yourself to see what works. Getting enough sleep is necessary to stay healthy, so take it seriously!

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