Lifestyle: Why The Mason Pearson Brush is an Investment


So today I want to talk about hair brushes. Yes, hair brushes. I love my strawberry blonde hair, and I do everything I can to take care of it. I even have my friend cut my hair when I start getting split ends so that it stays healthy. In return, I cut his hair. Its a win win situation for us, as it saves a ton of money. Although, that’s not what I am talking about today.

My favorite hair brush is The Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture hairbrush. I took the super fun survey on Mason Pearson’s website, and it told me I needed the Popular hair brush for my specific hair type, and my version was the pocket version of it.

Why I LOVE It:

  1. It is super portable, as I carry it everywhere with me. I can fit it into all of my bags I own, and it doesn’t take up too much space.
  2. If you take care of it, it literally lasts forever. Well not forever, but I hear the average lifespan is at least 10 years.
  3. It makes my hair super silky. Seriously, it goes all the way through my thick locks, and makes it look like Goldy Locks. LOL.
  4. It is a great De-tangler. Yes, they do sell a De-tangler brush, but honestly, this brush is a multi functional De-tangler/silkifier/wonder brush. My hair gets huge clumps in it, and this brush takes care of them like no other.
  5. Finally, it is like a scalp massage when I use it. I go into complete euphoria when I use it, as the longest nylon bristles massage my scalp with every movement.

Now, here is the kicker, it is $105. Yikes! Super expensive. I got mine for $80, because I had an amazon coupon, but it is still really expensive. Now, lets look at everything all together. If this brush lasts at least 10 years, and you don’t need to buy a detangling brush during this time, you only spend $10.50 a year. This is well worth it, if you don’t have to buy detangling products to help your brush detangle your hair. On top of that, it adds to your shine, which is another product you don’t have to buy. I have the Amazon link below if you want to check it out. Just click on the picture.

This is the exact reason I consider Mason Pearson brushes to be investments. They save me a ton of money, time, and keep my hair looking incredible.

If you want, feel free to take the fun Mason Pearson survey. There are two types as listed below.

This is the Our Brush Selector Tool:

This allows you to choose a brush based on your preferences.

This is the Choosing a Hairbrush Tool:

This allows you to choose a brush based on your hair type.

Once you take your preferred survey, then you can bring that choice over on to Amazon, and buy it from there, as Mason Pearson sells their brushes outside of the US. Amazon brings these brushes into the US for selling purposes.

Here is the link to all of the brushes they sell.


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