Lifestyle: How to Purchase TextBooks at The Cheapest Price


So I have found a way to buy books in the cheapest most efficient way. When I say efficient, I mean efficient! It does not take long to buy, nor does it take long for you to look up specific stuff you need.

Yuzu is my favorite place to purchase books from. It is an online book platform where you can permanently purchase the online textbook, or you can rent it for half a year, exactly 180 days. Renting it is cheaper, and it is right at the top of your finger tips on any computer, as it is linked to your email.

Lets do the math.

You have the option of purchasing a textbook and you have four different choices:

You have a hardback new copy which is $200
You have a hardback used copy which is $150
You have a permanent online textbook from Yuzu which is $98
You have a rental online textbook from Yuzu which is $68 -By the way, you could totally print the pages in this book with your free print credits at school;) Hint, Hint

Now, this class you wont ever need again, or the information changes so much and constantly that if you need to reference anything from it, you are better off borrowing the book from the library and making photo copies. Even if you needed this specific information again, and it wont change, I suggest borrowing the book and making photo copies of it.

Compared to purchasing 5 new hardback textbooks at $200 a piece to renting all of them from Yuzu for $68 a piece, you would save $660.

That’s like a whole month of rent, or two months of rent if you split it in half with someone. Totally worth it!

Look into your schools options for this, not only does it save a tree, but you also save all the money! On top of that, you get to search the book for what you are specifically looking for in no time flat with the awesome built in search function!

Good luck!


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