Lifestyle: Why Money is Like a Numbers Game


So I consider money to be a numbers game. What I mean by that, is that you just have to do math in order to accumulate it. Simple math at that. Keeping track of what you make, and what you spend is nothing more than just simple math, adding and subtracting.

For example, If you wanted to save $1,000 for a trip, you would have to find a way to get that money. If you make $500 every two weeks, and your expenses are $400 every two weeks, you would be able to save $200 each month for this trip. Now what if you cut your expenses? You would be able to save even more money!

Budget Budget Budget! I spend very little money on food, so this helps my budget a lot. I also only spend $39.99 each month on Internet, along with $100 each month on electricity. Those are my two set amounts for my expenses. Now, my rent fluctuates on a monthly basis considering on my living arrangements. I sometimes stay with one of my friends, other times I spend it out on the road, and other times, I spend it at home. So the amount I pay can vary month to month. I take this into account when I need to save money. It is all about the math.

Make yourself an excel spreadsheet that will help you to budget. Write down every last dollar you spend. I used to spend a ton of money on Target items I didn’t need. Seriously, I love their spot section of basics, such as cute mugs, scarves, etc. They are so me, and I could bask in it all day if I could.

Hopefully this blog post will help you realize that no matter what you make, in the end, it is all about the numbers!

Good Luck!


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