Lifestyle: How to Save BEFORE Black Friday Sales


So, I was talking to my friend today, and she asked me about my new iPad. I told her that I waited for an entire year before the right time came along, and surprisingly, it was right before Black Friday.

Here is how I did it:

First, I kept checking all of the ads for iPad sales.

Second, I kept track of all of my gift cards, coupons, etc. Anything I can use to help me save money.

Third, I looked up policies on companies websites. For example, Target price matches, and BestBuy Prices.

Combining all of these factors together, I came to the conclusion, that right before Black Friday, where Targets price matching policy gets thrown out the door, was the best time. I priced matched an iPad from BestBuy at Target. BestBuy had a sale on iPad’s for $249, before Black Friday.

On top of that, I used gift cards I had received to other places, like BestBuy, Barnes and Noble, etc. and used those gift cards to buy Target gift cards, or Visa Gift Cards. In the end, I have around $200 worth of gift cards that I could use at Target.

Finally, I had $20 worth of cartwheel, and Target coupons. All of this combined, I paid $123, which included taxes out of pocket. It took a while to save up, but that iPad is awesome in my eyes.

Money is incredibly important as life depends on it to a point, so saving as much money as you can is incredibly helpful and beneficial to you in the long run. Take advantage of the stores policy. They have them for a reason. Just be creative and you will save well.

Good Luck Saving!


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