Travel: Washington, D.C.- What To Do If Your Travel Technology Fails


So yesterday I had to go to a meeting in D.C. so I decided to make a day out of it. Unfortunately my phone died (I totally brought the wrong charger 🙁 ) so I was not able to take pictures. I will go back again in a few weeks, and take pictures then.

I wanted to talk about what you should do if your phone dies, like mine did, and you have no clue where you are going.

First, you should probably write down where you need to go. I wanted to go to the Mall in Le’Elefant Plaza. I also wanted to go to the Smithsonian, and to my meeting which was in the Woodrow Wilson Building.

Second, ask Station Conductors where you should go. The chart in the metro system is incredibly easy, and if you don’t understand, ask the Station Conductor. Even if you have to knock on their window to get their attention do it. Full disclosure, sometimes they are super rude. Just bear through it and you will get the information you need. I asked one lady where everything was, and she looked at me like I called her baby ugly.

The Smithsonian has its own stop in the Metro. It even says Metro and shows you how to get there. The second one, the Le’Elefant Plaza, was easy as well. That was right next to the Stop in the Smithsonian. The third, however, was difficult. The Woodrow Wilson building is in the Ronald Raegan building, and you get off at the Triangle exit. I had no clue, and the Station Conductor gave me directions. I even checked with another station conductor at the Triangle exit to confirm it was the right stop before I paid to exit. He confirmed I was in the right spot.

Now, onto time. I had no clue what time it was most of the time. LOL. I always had to ask various people who worked in the buildings I went to. I had to check the time so I could attend my meeting, and also catch an early train back to beat the rush hour traffic. On the train back, I met a lot of nice people. They even sat with me, as I was there first, and we all talked until we got to our stop. I recommend sitting in one of those seats where you face other people, so that four people can have a conversation. That is if you want to talk to people.

So there you have it! If you are ever in D.C. or somewhere you don’t know, I recommend talking to the locals or people in charge. Most of the time people are super nice, and when they are not, don’t let it get to you! We are all human after all!

Happy Travels!


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