Lifestyle: Reasons to Buy Off Season


I wanted to mention the reason why you should items in the off season. Well for one, they can be significantly cheaper. Two, you can prepare for the next season without thinking about it. For example, the cold of winter wont hit you as hard if you already have that winter coat. This is also the part where supply and demand come into play. Stores that have a lot of supply at the end of the season, will sell it for cheap so that they don’t have to store it. Stores that have limited supply at the beginning of the season will sell it for more, as it is then worth more.

Not only do you save money, but I love getting those wonderful deals. I do purchase my coats from the outlet goodwill, and I do this in the off season. I have bought a brand new Columbia Sports Wear Coat for $5 because it was in the middle of the summer. Score!

I look great in it by the way 🙂 Saving money is something that you should be aiming towards, as the more money you save, the better off you will be in case of emergencies, or you could even use that money to buy something large, like a house or a car.

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