Travel: What You Should Do If Your GPS Fails


So if you haven’t seen my most recent post on  how I accidently brought the wrong phone charger with me, check it out. It is a really helpful post if you ever end up in a sticky situation like I did in D.C.

That event reminded me to post about my recent travels back from Kentucky, and how my GPS just STOPPED working. Yes, it just did not work anymore. My guess is that too many people were using it at the time, or there was something wrong with my phone. I am not one to remember how to get back from Kentucky, so I was stuck. The last time I looked at it, it said to keep on I64E for 170 miles. Okay, so I set my car to do a mileage count. Then when it got closer to that 170 miles I checked my phone again, once again, it did not work.

So, what did I do then? Well, I decided to call my friend and ask him to look up the directions for me. I told him where I was at, and he told me the directions his GPS told him. I of course wrote these down. Then I continued to use the mileage counter to help me figure out how long it would take until I needed to look at the directions again.

This whole experience helped me get home, but it also taught me a really valuable lesson. I really need a backup plan in case something like that happens again. I am also going to start reviewing GPS’s and what they would be best used for, with videos showing you all what I see, so that it can benefit you all including me.

Happy Travels!


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