Travel Technology: Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Do you want to travel, but have to do work on your computer? Are you like me, and your computer is pretty heavy? Well, I found an alternative. I bought an iPad, and bought a wireless keyboard to go with it. Now, it is pretty small, and they have others out there, but for now, I am letting you all know its out there.

I bought mine off of Amazon, and it is foldable. Not very expensive, connects to your IOS device, Android, and Windows devices. Yes, this means that you can connect it to your iPad, phone, various tablets, and even your computer.

Here is the one I bought:

This is the ESYNIC one. Fair warning, the keys are pretty small on this, so if you are used to a regular sized keyboard, they have those. You can purchase other types of keyboards as well, including this one that is not foldable, but is in the color Rose Gold, a personal favorite color of mine.

Be creative, what do you need when you travel? What parts of traveling are difficult for you? Let me know in the comments, and I will try to find a solution to it!

Happy Travels!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Technology: Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. I think my fat fingers are too big for this keyboard unfortunately 😂 I’m looking for the smallest tablet/laptop that runs a full (not mobile) operating system for travelling. Got any tips?

    1. Hi Zac!
      I do have some ideas, but first let me ask you a question. What do you need to use it for? When I get that information, I can give you the best advice!

      1. Mainly for running my blog. There’s a few technical code based things on my site I just can’t do on my phone. It’d be nice to type on a real keyboard too. Thanks for your help Peggy!

      2. Hi Zac,
        So if you are wanting to work with code specifically with WordPress, you can do that with a tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard. I recently bought an iPad 5th generation with only wireless, as you do have to pay extra and monthly for cellular. My iPad works great for the code. If you buy it directly from apple, and you use a student discount (personally I believe if you have a student card, you should use it), you can get it for cheaper. Also for the keyboard, you could buy it from Amazon (apple is crazy expensive for their keyboards), and type in your specifications. For example, I typed in: iPad full size Bluetooth keyboard
        It showed me results that I wanted. I haven’t bought another keyboard yet besides the foldable one, so I cant personally recommend one that is good yet. If you decide to buy one that is designed specifically for this 9.7 inch iPad, meaning that it comes with a case and the keyboard fits perfectly into it, then you are going to have issues with typing as that keyboard is small. I recommend looking for one that is a little bigger, or regular sized, than the iPad itself. If you decide to purchase the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch, and buy a keyboard designed specifically for that, you shouldn’t have any issues typing.
        Sorry for the long response! Does this answer your question?

      3. Thanks Peggy, this is really helpful. I had dismissed the idea of an iPad, but I’ll look back into per your recommendation. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed reply.

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