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So I wanted to post about getting Travel Insurance! I love the idea of being covered when I travel. I have a AAA membership, so my travel agent allows me to buy Travel Insurance from her, that is actually from Allianz Global Assistance. I used to purchase weekly insurance plans, that would cost me $71, but now I am going buy the annual plans. I didn’t know they had these, and one would make my life a thousand times easier as I do pack up and go places all the time.

Allianz also offers Rental Car Insurance. If I rent a car, in lets say Iceland, then I would hate to not have this. The weather is crazy, and I have heard horror stories of the paint just flying off of the car. Eek right?

I have included the quote app link that is located on Allianz’s website so that you can look at it yourself.

The classic plan I bought for $71 included Emergency Medical Transportation that covers up to $500,000, A baggage loss or damage worth up to $1,000, a missed connection portion that reimburses you if you missed your flight or cruise, and so much more. I have included this specific link that explains all the benefits, below.

I’m sure their are other Travel insurances out there, I just don’t know of any others as of right now. Let me know what you think! Also full disclosure, I do not get paid for posting this up on my website. I just include services that I use and enjoy.

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