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So I love saving money, so that I can travel more. I utilize the dollar tree to save money more than any other store. Now this list is what I only buy, and that I think is worth the money. There is plenty of items that will save you money from the Dollar Tree, that can be found for a just a dollar compared to the other higher prices for the same items at other stores. Some items can be found at other stores for the same price. What I love the most about the Dollar Tree is that no matter what you find it is a Dollar or less.

Here is a list that I stand by that you can find at the Dollar Tree.

1. Kitchen Tools

I use the kitchen tools that can be found at the Dollar Tree. I love some of them, such as the soup holder, and the spatula.

2. Scissors

They sell Betty Crocker scissors here, and mine have lasted 8 years so far.

3. Air Wick

Air wick is a nice brand of home fragrance. I use it to make my car smell nice, especially the pumpkin spice one.

4. Cleaning Supplies

I use the cleaning supplies for my car and my house. They have small versions of Clorox bleach that I use for cleaning my dishwasher, off brand Windex, and even Comet cleaner. Growing up, one of my teachers would say how much she loved the Comet cleaner, and then went on a tangent when she found it at the Dollar Tree. Although that was super weird, she was right, it is pretty nice, and cheap

5. Pet Supplies

I get my doggie bags here, which is a lot cheaper than most places for the amount you get. I also get my doggie toys here. I love some of the toys they have, especially the sweaky ones, which my dog loves. They sometimes get the name brand toys in that last longer than the regular ones.

6. Some makeup

They do have name brand makeup here. They offer Elf here, and other name brands. It just depends on the day and what they have in stock.

7. Birthday bags or other bags for special events

Now, some of the bags I would recommend Do NOT buy. Although, most of them are great! The ones you should buy are the ones that are sold by themselves and have a solid foundation. I have made some gifts look beautiful by buying these cheap bags. One person even cried it was so pretty. I wasn’t expecting that lol

8. Gift Wraps

Now, the gift wrap is a hit or miss. I like the colors, and it is super convenient that it is located next to the cheap bags. The gift wrap can also make the present look awesome.

9. Toys

So you can totally get toys for your kid, or your friends kids here. I get off brand barbies here, and also toys that you can also find at other stores for full price. I bought a Keyo toy that you can find at stores for around $7 for a $1. I gave it to the little autistic boy I babysit, and he loved it.

10. Picture Frames

Now these will just do the job. They aren’t super nice, but they are great for just show. I put my pictures in these frames and put them up high so that no one can see the difference. This is a great way I have saved money, considering that most stores sell them for around $10 a piece.

11. Storage Items

This one is my favorite by far. I organized my entire closet with the storage items from here! My closet looks super nice now, and I am incredibly organized thanks to it. I also bought some cheap spray paint on Amazon to make it look nicer.

12. Tape

I buy packing tape here, and also scotch tape as well. They both work well for their designed purposes.

13. Q Tips

Okay, so here is the kicker. I have tried Q tips from all over the place, and none come close to these. I am super picky about my Q tips, and on top of that, these packs come with a lot of them. More than most stores. Double win!

14. Hair Holders

Some of the hair holders they have are great. Others, not so much. They also have name brand ones that come in every so often, but seriously, just try the ones they have. They last just as long as the Goody ones, and you get more.

15. Cards

There cards are either a dollar or two for a dollar. You can find super nice specialty cards, lets say for someone’s graduation, for a dollar. If you just need a basic one, you can get each one for 50 cents a piece. I usually get my friends birthday cards here.

16. 10%  benzoyl peroxide

Okay, so my dermatologist recommended 10% benzoyl peroxide for my face, and I rarely get acne. You can get this here, and it works really well.

17. Floss

I love their floss. I buy the non name brand that has lots of floss in it. It works really well, and I am that person who over uses any type of floss because I love making my teeth look nice. I also love avoiding the dentist.

18. Cheap toothbrushes

I don’t use these to brush my teeth. I use them to clean my car. I also use them to clean my families saddles. Well worth the cost, since some of them are 6 for a dollar. I only have to buy two of these a year to be able to clean the saddles as often as they need to be. Use them in a circular motion, and what stains or dirt you need cleaned will come out.

19. Dermasil Lotion

I use this lotion because it is nice, and it is cheap. My friend loves my lotion and every single time she says it smells really nice. I told her she can buy it from the dollar tree, but she insists on using mine every day. I guess she really likes it. Some people I have met like to use them for their tattoos although I really don’t know anything about it.

20. Decorations

You can buy party decorations from here. They are especially useful for childrens parties. I organized an entire party for the little boy I babysit and he didn’t know the difference. It is all about the experience, not what you buy for these events.

21. Dishes

So hear me out. I usually wouldn’t recommend these, except the tea cups, which I use to cook Ramen in, but I bought a lot of these for my boyfriends mother. The style matched what she liked, and on top of that, I was able to get her a whole set for her family of 5. This included plates, cups, silverware, and even place mats. She says it was the best gift I have bought her. So in the end, if it fits your needs, get it.

22. Envelopes

I use these for paying bills, and also sending letters. I also use the envelope system so that I know how much to pay for my bills each month.

23. Dish Washing soap

Palmolive can be found in a non concentrated form in a large bottle. Dawn can be found in a smaller, good travel/trial size bottle, that is super concentrated. I love Dawn the most for traveling, but they also have larger sized bottles of “non designer” bottles of dish washing soap. I use this for the house and it lasts at least a month. I tend to over use dish washing soap in general so this is perfect for me.


So this is my list of go to Dollar Tree items. I love saving money, which in turn helps me travel more often. Set goals for yourself! Do what it takes to make your dreams come true. Spending your money wisely will help you achieve those dreams.

Happy Travels!


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