How to Take Advantage of the after-Christmas Sales


So I recently completed my 2018 Christmas Shopping all thanks to the sales that came after the 2017 Christmas. This may be surprising for some people, but hear me out. After every holiday, those items go on sale, otherwise they get sent back. So, once a day every year, I have found that Target Christmas items go on sale, for 90% off. This is a huge discount. On top of that, sometimes there are items that don’t have tags on it, such as that paper for bags, and they sometimes get thrown away by staff. I always bring what I want up to Customer Service, and ask them how much it is. I am as honest with them as possible, and honestly ask them to tell me how much it is. If they can’t figure it out, most of the time they cut me a deal. For example, the paper for bags, I got like 30 sheets for 10 cents because they said they were just going to throw it away otherwise.

Now, honesty is the best policy in my opinion. I hate when people are not honest with me, and from my personal experience, I have built better relationships with customer service by being honest with them. Customer service can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. It is your choice.

So for my last trip to Target, where everything was 90% off, I bought makeup kits, gift sets, glass storage containers, toys, fragrance sets, house items, and candles for basically pennies to dollars. I just go crazy, and buy everything that I think someone would enjoy getting for Christmas, that I could use, or something that I could give as a gift for a birthday. I have found that presentation is key when giving gifts, not the actual gift itself. I always make my gifts look super nice, and professional. I even organize the items inside the bag, or wrapping paper to look beautiful when opened. This is definitely a hack that most people don’t think about.

Now, other stores, other than Target, have sales after the Holidays as well. For example, Ulta gift sets are usually half off that were specific for the Holiday season. Also, Bath and Body Works holds their semi-annual sale where items are up to 75% off. I have bought gifts for friends for an entire year, for around $30, thanks to these sales. Sometimes gift sets are 75% off which means even bigger savings. You can also use the coupon they send you, or that is on your phone, to get a certain dollar amount off or a percentage off. Recently, they had a $10 off a $40 purchase. So if you bought $40 worth of sale items that were already 75% off, that means that each item is even cheaper.

These are just some of many ways to save money, after Christmas ends. Maybe you can start to make your money work for you? What would you like to do? How can you make your dollar stretch?

Happy Saving!!!


Peggy Roe

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